Stake Your Claim Of Internet Riches With This 7-Module eCommerce Course 

Take the fast track to develop the essential skills & mindset you need to build a business you love on the Internet. 

Your Trainers:

Alex Udeanu is a former Art Auctioneer who worked on cruise ships selling high-end art. During this time he was responsible for the sales training of some of the highest revenue producing teams in the fleet, generating over $3,000,000 in sales per year. 

After the financial crash of 2008, Alex was forced to seek a new career path and took his sales skills to the online world where within a short period of time he rose to be one of the top income earners in three online companies.

Now known as "Alex The Digital Nomad" he teaches students how to build businesses on the Internet using multiple social media platforms, blogs & eCommerce.

Within this course he shares his expert knowledge on how to build high converting sales funnels for any business model, how to build a legitimate eCommerce business, and how to sell anything to anyone without sounding like a salesman.

Saif Al Azawi was born in war torn Iraq. After losing everything including many friends, family members, his business and his home, he emigrated to Romania and immediately went to work rebuilding his life.

One of his great passions has always been film making so he enrolled in film school. After graduating and landing himself a job on one of the major TV stations, he soon realized that his salary of $400/month was never going to enable him to reach his biggest dreams and goals.

Turning his attention to the Internet and using his unique skills in film and photography, he soon gained a massive following on multiple social media platforms and then became a student of monetizing all of them, generating multiple six figures per year.

Saif is now a greatly sought after "Facebook Ads Agency Owner, Coach & Trainer" and "Social Media Guru" to some of the biggest marketers in the industry and within this course he trains on the major social media strategy he uses to generate millions of visitors a month for his clients.  

Erica Udeanu has been an entrepreneur her entire life with her first foray into the entrepreneurial world in her early 20's with the formation of a computer hardware company. She took a start up company from zero to making multiple six figures in sales within a few short years, primarily from her natural ability to build solid relationships and create a loyal customer base.

After an economic downturn she decided it was time for a change of scenery and took her talents to the high seas where she quickly became one of the top ten Art Auctioneers working for the largest privately owned Art Gallery in the USA for over a decade.

Today Erica is a "Certified Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Life Coach" and "Strategic Interventionist" and works with people to help them achieve greater happiness and success in all areas of their lives, both personal and business, by creating change quickly and permanently.

Within this course, she trains on how to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur and truly live "The 4-Hour Work Week", how to use hypnotic marketing to increase your income, and how to turn your subscriber list into gold through the sophisticated art of email marketing.


What we will be covering:

How To Develop The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur And Truly Live The 4-Hour Work Week  

✅ How to remove all self-limiting beliefs, patterns and habits that may be preventing you from taking massive action  

✅ The difference between successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful entrepreneurs  

✅ How to create a vision compelling enough to keep you driven

Why You Want To Be A Seller On Amazon And How To Do It The Right Way  

✅ How eCommerce works and why everyone is looking at Amazon  

✅ How to create a sellers account on Amazon  

✅ How to find winning products to sell on Amazon (offline and online) with profitable profit margins  

✅ How to send your products into Amazon the hard way ... and the very easy way 🙂  

✅ How to start selling on Amazon within your first 30 days  

Facebook Formula For Creating Guru Results  

✅ How to set your objectives and what to focus on  

✅ How to set up and build your Facebook Fan Page the right way to optimize your monetization strategy  

✅ How to set up your Facebook Ads account  

✅ How to create high converting ads on Facebook for the lowest cost per click  

✅ How to generate life changing income on Facebook by getting results  

How To Perform Email Marketing Like A Guru  

✅ How to build a subscriber list of raving fans  

✅ How to create irresistable subject lines that get your emails opened  

✅ How to write your emails with your authentic voice in order to build rapport  

✅ How to keep your emails out of the dreaded spam folder  

✅ How to make your emails look clean and crisp so they're easier to read  

✅ How to create a compelling call to action (CTA)  

How To Use Hypnotic Marketing To Increase Your Income, Self Confidence and Personal Happiness  

✅ How to use 'super words' like a sales super star  

✅ How select and express 'hot words' that have special persuasive powers  

✅ How to create attention focusing statements  

✅ How to send compelling messages through hidden commands  

✅ How to let your product talk and sell itself  

✅ The ten most powerful types of sales stories and why stories and metaphors are so important in your marketing  

✅ Advanced techniques of influence and persuasion  


How To Build A Kickass Sales Funnel From Scratch  

✅ How to create a high converting capture page  

✅ How to create your thank you page  

✅ How to integrate your sales funnel with your autoresponder so that you can send regular emails to your subscribers

✅ The importance of split testing and how to do it the right way  

✅ How to get your sales funnel ready for marketing  



How To Sell Without Sounding Like A Salesman 

(with techniques you can use in everyday life and your online business)  

✅ The 4 keys to sales success  

✅ How to get into the right mental attitude before you talk to a prospect (on the phone or face to face)  

✅ How to be confident about what you sell  

✅ Learning and using professional techniques  

✅ How to use imagination in selling  

✅ How to overcome any objections and never fear them ever again  


 I truly believe that if you've landed on this page you're supposed to be here!  

When I first landed on here, I had no idea how to make it with an online business, no belief in myself and no direction ... simply the desire to have my own business.  

Erica and Alex work together in such a way that you feel completely at ease. Alex is a master at the techie stuff. If you have a question he is the MAN! And the best thing about his ability is that he can explain how to impliment something at the most basic of levels or refine the details for the advanced players! 

Erica's skills in working with people are phenomanal! She has an uncanny ability to draw out of YOU exactly what is needed to take advantage of YOUR skills, talents and passions and create an income from it! She has the biggest heart for giving that I have ever encountered!  

Without this glorious couple of people I would not be pursuing my passion, creating my own products and launching my own health and wellness coaching business!  

Thank you both for being so generously awesome and the best Mentors EVER!! xxx

Elizabeth Hardy, Former Boot Camp Student Now founder of Karizmafit Life